All In Green, Green For You.

There is a river in front of my home where fish swim leisurely, insects chirp and frogs croak.

We can't fully restore the natural environment, but we can immediately start reducing the damage.


Sea Mild is an environmentally friendly detergent brand
  • For over two decades, we have upheld the principle of 'All In Green, Green For You', adhering to the highest green standards.
  • We are redefining the impression of traditional petroleum-based detergents, with all of our products pursuing highly biodegradable plant-based formulas.
  • We do not add, purchase, or utilize harmful petroleum chemical substances.
Sea Mild's environmental commitment
We strive for natural synergy between ingredients, preserving the authentic and natural cleaning power.
  • No using harmful petrochemical substances.
  • Contains no animal ingredients.
  • Continuous search for eco-friendly formulas and packaging materials.
Eco-friendly manufacturing process
  • Using high-quality pure water filtered by a pure water machine, Ozone sterilization, and UV sterilization.
  • Choose a cold process to reduce carbon emissions and energy consumption.
  • Develop environmentally friendly materials with a high recycling rate.
  • Choose bottles and packaging materials with a high recycling rate.
  • To produce non-toxic detergent products that are good for the environment and better for health.


Invite you to join us in protecting the environment and the earth!