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Household wastewater is generally discharged without sewage treatment, and cleaning wastewater from household use directly affects river ecosystems. Over time, this can lead to water pollution, and through the ecological cycle, harmful substances can accumulate in the human body. Choosing environmentally friendly cleaning products that are safe for both the environment and human health is the best choice for yourself and future generations!

Teddy Clean Series by Cleansing Sea insists on using plant-based ingredients, returning to the essence of pure cleaning without the addition of unnecessary chemical and petrochemical components. It is suitable for men, women, the elderly, and those with sensitive skin.


Teddy Clean-Amino Acid Shampoo and Shower Gel

It is enriched with amino acids to reduce irritation to skin and hair, enhancing the washing experience and cleaning effectiveness.

No colorants, no animal testing, no silicones.

A high-quality shampoo that is friendly to both humans and nature.

Eco-friendly plant extract ingredients and certification

No more cry bunny

Respect nature and cherish all life on Earth, adhering to a strict policy of no animal testing.


Eco-friendly plant extract ingredients

Formulated with coconut oil extract, lemon oil, and salt for a gentle lather that cleans effectively without irritating the skin.

British-style design with upgraded quality

Simple design and sleek colors add a sense of ritual to eco-friendly living.

Teddy Clean
Amino Acid Shampoo
(Oil Control)

Teddy Clean
Amino Acid Shampoo


Teddy Clean
Amino Acid Antibacterial Shower Gel
(Vanilla & Patchouli)

 Teddy Clean
Amino Acid Antibacterial Shower Gel
(Musk & Citrus Wood)

Teddy Clean-Enzymes Laundry Bubble

Enzymes Laundry Bubbles use a unique outer film coating technology and has obtained invention patents in Taiwan, the United States, and China.

The outer membrane is not plastic and is water-soluble. The in-house formula is plant-based and utilizes seven enzymes to break down a variety of stains. Additionally, it has passed multiple safety tests and received animal-friendly certification, making it safe for animals and the natural environment.


Eco-friendly plant extract ingredients

Coconut Oil / Palm Kernel Oil / APG(derived from corn) / Beetroot Alkai

7 enzymes break down all kinds of dirt

Protein Enzyme / Lipase Enzyme / Amylase Enzyme / Lactase Enzyme / Fiber Enzyme / Pectinase Enzyme / New Fiber Enzyme

10X ultra-concentrated

Reduce the volume to make it more convenient and reduce carbon emissions.

No fluorescent agent

We do not add harmful chemicals that affect human health.

Outer film is non-plastic and biodegradable

100% dissolve in water quickly.




(Baby Powder)

(Morning Dew)

(Green Rose)

(Vanilla & Patchouli)

(Purifying Forest)

(Honey Perfume)

(Rosemary Wood)

(Pure Cotton)